REIJNOLD POPMA VAN OEVERING (1692-1781): 6 Suites for Harpsichord.

Catalogue Number: 08T016

Label: Aeolus

Reference: AE-10144

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This first work by a 17-year-old Dutch composer is in the innovative tradition of the French composer François Dieupart, whose “English” Suites begin with a substantial prelude or overture, a model that was to become widely imitated a few years later in northern Europe. There is also a certain Italian and north German flavor to these pieces which was to become widely disseminated in Europe, as appears from the mark it left on composers including Bach, Handel and even Mozart. Bob van Asperen (harpsichord, organ - suites 3 and 6).


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