“Americas Without Frontiers”

ANTONIO ESTÉVEZ (1916-1988): 17 Piezas infantiles, ARIEL RAMÍREZ (1921-2010): 5 Estudios, Alfonsina y el mar, ALDEMARO ROMERO (1928-2007): El Negro José, GENARO PRIETO (b.1941): Apure en un viaje, JUAN CARLOS NÚÑEZ (b.1947): Retrato Solemnísimo de Aldemaro Romero, JOSÉ MARÍA VITIER (b.1954): Danza de fin de siglo, GERMÁN DARÍO PÉREZ (b.1968): Ancestro, Tranquilamente, un tipo leal, LUDOVIC LAMOTHE (1882-1953): La dangereuse, IGNACIO CERVANTES (1848-1905): 4 Cuban Dances, ERNESTO NAZARETH (1863-1934): Fon-fon, Odeon, GEORGE GERSHWIN (1898-1937): 3 Preludes.

Catalogue Number: 08T053

Label: Nimbus

Reference: NI 6346

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Rodríguez continues her survey of Latin American composers with eight you probably won’t be familiar with, four of them Venezuelan (home of the joropa) and one each from Colombia, Argentina, Cuba and, stretching the ethnicity but not the geography, Lamothe, who is Haitian and gives us a meringue haitienne. To add to the authenticity of the music’s folk and dance origins, the pianist is joined on 6 of the disc’s 39 individual pieces by a percussionist, two plucked-string instrumentalists and a double bassist. Clara Rodríguez (piano).


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