STEPHEN DODGSON (1924-2013): Change-Ringers and Intermezzo (Citharae Chordae pro Pace) for 4 Guitars, Roundelay for Cello and Guitar Ensemble, Divertissement for Violin and Guitar Ensemble, Hymnus de Sancto Stephano for Soprano and Guitar Ensemble, 4 Poems of John Clare for Voice and Guitar, The Selevan Story for Flute, Violin, Guitar Duo and Guitar Ensemble.

Catalogue Number: 08T056

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.573762

Format: CD

Price: $8.98

Description: With Julian Bream among his friends and John Williams among his students, perhaps it was inevitable that Dodgson would adopt a prominent - arguably pre-eminent - position among British composers for the guitar. His tonal but unpredictable vocabulary and lively rhythmic sense is well displayed in these works for guitars, in some cases supplemented by a sustaining instrument of complimentary sonority. The Divertissement is a suite of dances, full of elegance and unexpected twists, and the suite on legends about Cornish Saint Levan is atmospheric and humorous, with a turn into drama and melancholy. Change-Ringers evokes a carillon of church bells, arranged by the composer from a work for two harpsichords. Antonia Gentile (soprano), Hartmut Richter (violin), Evva Mizerska (cello), Octavia Lamb (flute), Eden Stell Guitar Duo, MÄ“la Guitar Quartet.


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