GEORGE TSONTAKIS (b.1951): Anasa for Clarinet and Orchestra, True Colors for Trumpet and Orchestra, Unforgettable for 2 Violins and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 08T065

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.559821

Format: CD

Price: $8.98

Description: Three refreshingly different recent concerti with an appealing blend of styles. Anasa combines Klezmer with traditional forms and instrumental textures from Crete. The lengthy and somber middle movement draws on Klezmer and Greek influences, with a lively cadenza, and the finale is riotous circus music. The trumpet concerto consists of a slow introduction that introduces a motif important throughout the work, and the main body of the piece then explores the coloristic and harmonic ramifications of this gesture, drawing on jazz harmonies and a sense of improvised journey and discovery. Despite the slightly unusual double soloist, Unforgettable is the most standard neo-romantic concerto here, beginning in meditation and encompassing drama and playfulness (the central scherzo, 'Leapfrogging' in imitative gestures is great fun), on the way to the jazz-tinged ballad-finale, which takes on an unexpectedly serious mood before subsiding into nostalgia. David Krakauer (clarinet), Eric Berlin (trumpet), Luosha Fang, Eunice Kim (violins), Albany Symphony Orchestra; David Alan Miller.


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