JAY ANTHONY GACH (b.1955): Avanti! for Piano and Strings (Piccola Orchestra ‘900; Simone Veccia), 3 excerpts from Rounds and Round Dances for Piano Four Hands, Piano Sonatas No. 3 and No. 4 “Film Noir”, PAUL HEFNER (b.19??): Three Perspectives over Water for Piano, 2 excerpts from 51/2 Easy Pieces for Piano, Chick & McCoy for Piano Four Hands.

Catalogue Number: 08T069

Label: Continuo Records

Reference: CR102

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: An attractive recital of readily accessible music by two American composers a little outside the mainstream of contemporary music. Gach's single-span sonatas are both very tonal, the one inspired by the atmosphere and soundtrack conventions of the Noir film genre, the other a surging tide of neo-romantic gestures. Although classically trained, Hefner is a jazz pianist by trade, and the outer movements of his Perspectives, which he regards as a kind of sonata, are very jazz-inflected, with jazz harmonies and rhythms. The central movement, though, is based on a tonally harmonised note-row, in very neo-romantic vein. His 'easy' pieces are virtuosic studies, not easy at all, and Chick & McCoy is a tribute to Corea and Tyner in their styles. Gach's duets are lively dances in the form of imitative rounds. His piano concertino Avanti! is a lighthearted virtuosic romp drawing on recognisably American idioms, from jazz to Hollywood. Elitza Harbova (piano), Tiziano Leonardi (four hands).


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