LETITIA ARMIJO (b.1961): Ehécatl for Flute and Piano, Yolotli for Piano Trio, Ciclos and A tus recuerdos for Piano, Lucero de la mañana and Pasión de amor for Chorus, Por dentro and La flor de los mil pétalos for Voices and Computer.

Catalogue Number: 08T076

Label: Colección Murmillo de Sirenas

Reference: none

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: This disc presents more of the composer's wide-ranging, attractive an accessible output. The Neo-romantic piano trio Yolotli (heart) and the flute and piano Ehécatl (wind, in the Aztec language of southern Mexico) are harmonically lush, as are the choral Christmas carol and songs. Remembrance is a set of variations on a theme based on dances from the Yucatan, which are Cuban-influence - one is reminded of Lecuona. The other three works are representative of the composer's more contemporary idiom, involving electro-acoustics (which she teaches). Electronically modified breathing sounds blend with choir in Love Passion, and processed vocalizations form their own extended vocal textures in Within and the acoustic component of a multimedia Chakra meditation, The Thousand Petals Flower. Various artists.


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