PETER FRIBBINS (b.1969): Violin Concerto “Dances, Elegies & Epitaphs”, Capriccio: Abide with Me, Soliloquies for Trumpet and Strings, In Xanadu for Wind Quintet.

Catalogue Number: 08T080

Label: Resonus Classics

Reference: RES10193

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Proving once again that there is still a great deal to be said in a tonal idiom, Fribbins has produced consistently fine and original works, including those on this CD. The concerto is a major work by any standards. It acknowledges the past through its thematic material, principally a phrase by Purcell, and its harmonically unpredictable but thoroughly tonal vocabulary, but succeeds in presenting an entirely new and personal style and musical argument. The first movement is essentially in wide-ranging free variation form, on the dignified Purcell theme and an original counter-subject; the bulk of the movement is a dramatic allegro. The central movement begins and ends in contemplative mood, but is punctuated by two powerful orchestral climaxes and a funeral music episode that draw on the Baroque conventions of Purcell's time. The finale is energetic and flowing, but as its course seems set the Purcell theme is reintroduced 'Tranquillo luminoso’ in a moment of visionary transcendence, which echoes through the work's vigorous coda, finally evaporating into thin air. The Capriccio, really a dramatic concert overture, is more substantial than its title suggests; the Soliloquies are the composer's eloquent transcriptions of his own songs, in various moods, and the wind quintet evokes the mood of five passages from Coleridge's poem. Philippe Graffin (violin), Christopher Hart (trumpet), Royal Scottish National Orchestral Robertas Šervenikas.


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