Music for Plucked-String Quintet

LUCA MEREU (b.1963): Variazioni sopra Cruiskeen, Suite Greca, EDUARDO ANGULO (b.1954): Suite mexicana, ENNIO MORRICONE (b.1928): Serenata passacaglia.

Catalogue Number: 08T088

Label: III Millennio

Reference: CDS 0153

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Modern works for “plucked-string quintet”: two mandolins, mandola, guitar and double bass. The flat mandolin of Ireland and the bouzouki of Greece are the basis of Mereu’s two works and Angulo’s suite reminds us how much Mexican mudic and its use of guitar in both popular and “serious” modes can seem to invite other plucked instruments. Morricone’s mordant little Serenata, which with its trudging bass line, could be describing a plodding, resigned character in a film, was written for these players. Ensemble Mereuer.


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