ANTON BRUCKNER (1824-1896): Piano Works - Sonata Movement in G Minor, Waltzes in E Flat and in C, Galopp (Polka) in C, Duo, Theme and Variations in G, March in C, Chromatic Etude in F, Rondo in D, Andante in E Flat, Menuet and Trio in G, Thema in F, Etude in G, Andante in D Minor, Lancier-Quadrille in C, WAB 120, 3 kleine Stücke for 4 Hands, WAB 124, 6 Quadrilles for 4 Hands, WAB 121, “Klavierstück” in E Flat, WAB 119, “Stille Betrachtung an einem Herbstabend” in F Sharp Minor, WAB 213, “Steiermärker” in G, WAB 122, “Fantasie” in G, WAB 118, “Erinnerung” in A Flat, WAB 117 (13 World Premiere Recordings).

Catalogue Number: 08U007

Label: Hännsler Classic

Reference: HC 17054

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: BIS released a Bruckner piano disc in 2001 which contained seven of the 22 items here but 13 others on this CD are claimed as World Premiere Recordings; we just aren't told which ones they are but having the BIS disc will let you rule out several. Many of them are student works, several in dance forms, all of them shavings from the workbench of a future master but Bruckner completists will want to have them and the notes are very good. Ana-Marija Markovina (piano), Rudolf Meister (four hands).


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