ROBIN HOLLOWAY (b.1943): Trio for Clarinet ,Viola and Piano, Op. 79, Trio for Oboe, Violin and Piano, Op. 115, Viola Sonata, Op. 87.

Catalogue Number: 08U053

Label: Sheva Collection

Reference: SH 208

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: These works, from the 1990s and 2012 are in the style that Holloway adopted after his watershed Scenes from Schumann (1970, subsequently revised), very tonal, strongly engaged with Romanticism and heavily reliant on the idioms of composers of the past whom he admires. The composer attaches a kind of storybook programme to the Op. 79 Trio, with several recognisable quotations from Wagner. The work is in a single span, divided into episodes and intermezzi. The first movement of the more recent Trio is warmly romantic, with a delicate rippling piano part that the composer freely acknowledges is indebted to Fauré. The slow movement, though, is much sparser of texture, with astringent counterpoint between parts, while the Scherzino that follows playfully tosses economical little phrases between the three instruments. An abrupt, impatient piano solo interrupts proceedings, after which the Scherzino returns. The mood suddenly changes, announcing the sober tonal resolution of the finale. The substantial Viola Sonata employs scordatura tuning throughout, to impart a duskier tone color. The movements are 'Slowish and thoughtful', a scampering scherzo, a flowing, melodic slow movement with a touch of melancholy, and a gently peaceful conclusion. Rest Ensemble.


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