CONSTANTIJN HUYGENS (1596-1687): Pathodia sacra et profana - 7 French Airs, 8 Italian Arie, 8 Latin Psalm Settings and instrumental pieces by Huygens, Chambonnières, Rossi and Froberger.

Catalogue Number: 08W014

Label: Glossa

Reference: GCD923603

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The remarkable Huygens was a poet, composer and musician whose “day job” was as a diplomat working for the Princes of Orange and who was an assiduous correspondent with leading thinkers such as Descartes, Rubens and Corneille. Huygens’ Pathodia encompasses a collection of songs in Italian, French and Latin whose simplicity belies the complexity of the emotions carried within them. Texts and English translations included. Cyril Auvity (tenor), Marie Van Rhijn (harpsichord, organ, lautenwerk), Myriam Rignol (viola da gamba).


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