ETTORE CAMPOGALLIANI (1903-1992): Preghiera a vespro, Fugues in F Sharp Minor, G and A, VIGILIO PIUBENI (1912-1999): Ave Maria, Variazioni sul tema gregoriano della “Salve Regina”, MARIO PETTORELLI (1889-1954): Kincumber, Offertorium in festo Pentacostes supra “Veni Santé Spiritus”, CARLO BENATTI (b.1963): Victima paschali laudes for Organ and Voice alternatim (Gina Ianni, voice).

Catalogue Number: 08W043

Label: Bongiovanni

Reference: GB 5209-2

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: The works included in this release, by composers from or connected to the city of Mantua, were recorded on four organs in Brescia and Mantua. Campogalliani was the teacher of famous opera singers such as Pavarotti, Tebaldi, Scotto, Labò, and Raimondi. Piubeni and Pettorelli are yin and yang: the latter a Catholic priest whose Kincuber, an aboriginal word meaning “toward the sun” comes from a three year period spent as achapel-master at Sydney Cathedral, and the former an all-around musician whose experience ran from dance hall bands and jazz to classical composition. Benatti’s original piece is a 22-minute elaboration on the sequence Victimae Paschali Laudes which is traditionally sung during Easter celebrations. This is a tribute to how the Mass was performed before the Vatican Council, when a line of Gregorian chant was first sung by the choir then played by the organ which elaborated on the melody in terms of harmony, counterpoint and imitation. Carlo Benatti (organs).


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