TREVOR HOLD (1939-2004): Kemp’s Nine Daies Wonder, 10 Pieces from The Lilford Owl, 6 Kaleidoscopes, Four-and-Seven Blackbirds (Original 1993 Continuum release), After Henry, Old Wine/New Bottles, Period Pieces (Fourth Album) (New 2020 Recordings).

Catalogue Number: 08W050

Label: Heritage

Reference: HTGCD 294/5

Format: CD

Price: $27.98

Description: See 07R057 of July 2015 for a previous offering of the first disc in this new two-CD set. Like the music on the 1993 release, the four collections newly recorded, containing 40 total pieces, are in the same by turns witty, irreverent, gentle, forthright and assertive moods. After Henry “rethinks”11 keyboard pieces by Purcell, Blackbirds does likewise with the same number of English children’s songs, Old Wine/New Bottles uses English folk songs while the 7 Period Pieces (the most technically demanding stuff on the disc) are rooted in the “novelty” piano pieces of the 1920s and 30s. 2 CDs. Peter Jacobs (piano).


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