FAZıL SAY (b.1970): Violin Concerto, Op. 25 “1001 Nights in the Harem”, Violin Sonatas No, 1, Op. 7 and No. 2, Op. 82 “Mount Ida”*, Cleopatra for Solo Violin, Op. 34. * - First Recording.

Catalogue Number: 08W060

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.574085

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: The first sonata (1997)) is suffused with Turkish motifs and dances, such as the horon. The second sonata of just last year, inspired by 2019 gold mining at and deforestation of the Homeric Mt. Ida, takes as its theme the abuse of nature and the need to resist despoliation. The concerto from 2007 is full of rich melodies and atmosphere, and features an array of Turkish percussion instruments. Friedemann Eichhorn (violin), Fazıl Say (piano), Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern; Christoph Eschenbach


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