Turkish Piano Trios

HASAN FERID ALNAR (1906-1978): Piano Trio, FERIT TÜZÜN (1929-1977): Piano Trio, İLHAN BARAN (1934-2016): Transformations, OĞUZHAN BALCI (b.1977): Piano Trio No. 1.

Catalogue Number: 08W065

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.579071

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: This album of piano trios by four Turkish composers, the first in a series, covers three generations of composers whose music combines traditional rhythms and modalities with established Western classical sonorities. Hasan Ferid Alnar represents the ‘Turkish Five’ collective in his work from 1966, his style drawing on the monophonic textures and rhythmic cycles of traditional makam music, while Ferit Tüzün’s lyrical and fervent trio of 1950 hints at folk melodies rather than using them as concrete material. İlhan Baran described his spellbinding Transformations (1975) as ‘a kind of atmospheric state of mind’, and from the younger generation, Oğuzhan Balcı’s 2019 trio expresses a tranquillity reminiscent of the Anatolian soul. Bosphorus Trio.


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