ERNESTO HALFFTER (1905-1989): Crepúsculos, Marche joyeuse, Sonata, L'espagnolade, Grüss, Serenata a Dulcinea, 2 piezas cubanas, Preludio y danza, Llanto por Ricardo Viñes, Sonate "Homenaje a Domenico Scarlatti", Nocturno otoñal "Recordando a Chopin", Homenajes a J. Turina, F. Mompou & R. Halffter, Suite de las Doncellas, Valencia II - Pasodoble, Panaderos, Boleas de la Cachucha, 3 piezas infantiles for Piano Four Hands (Belén González Domonte [duet partner]).

Catalogue Number: 09J069

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.570006-07

Format: CD

Price: $35.98

Description: Covering a period of over 60 years, Halffter's piano works stuck to his original stylistic influences: the Spanish Renaissance, Scarlatti (as in the two eight-minute long sonatas here), Stravinsky, Ravel and Les Six. No single movement of the 30 here approaches ten minutes; everything is clear, elegant, often tuneful (the Cuban pieces are particularly evocative) and sparkling. 2 CDs. Guillermo González (piano).


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