THÉRÈSE BRENET (b.1935): Chimeres for Mandolin and String Orchestra, Cristaux for Harp and Mandolin, Vibration for Harp and String Orchestra, Suite Fantastique for Harp, Le tambour des dunes for Harp, Guitar and Mandolin, Des grains de sable d'or aux mains II for Mandolin, Harp and Guitar, Caprices d'une chatte anglaise for Mandolin, Harp and Guitar, Née du rire de l'eclair...for Mandolin, Harp and Guitar.

Catalogue Number: 09J071

Label: Pavane

Reference: ADW 7516

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: If you were asked to pick three of the most unlikely instruments to be used in atonal music, you'd probably include these. Brenet does not write serial music but she uses practically every kind of modern compositional technique, including aleatory, extended playing techniques and polytonality in these works for plucked instruments and produces some enchanting sounds (as when suggesting the play of light issuing from artfully illuminated crystals in a darkened exhibition hall in Crystaux). There are even fragments of melody! Sabine Chefson (Celtic harp), Christian Schneider (mandolin), Matthias Collet (guitar), Ensemble Orchestral Stringendo; Jean Thorel.


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