DOUGLAS ALLANBROOK (1921-2003): Symphony No. 2 "Requiem for the 88th Infantry", Symphony No. 3 "Four Orchestral Landscapes".

Catalogue Number: 09J072

Label: Mapleshade Productions

Reference: 11882

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Although not explicitly programmatic, Allanbrook's Requiem is a response to the composer's wartime experiences. In four linked movements, the work is a dramatic, muscular statement, with echoes of Stravinsky, Bartók and above all, Shostakovich, in the pained lyricism of the sweeping melodic material and the vehemence of the percussive ostinati which vividly depict the violence of wartime conflict. Although utilizing dodecaphonic themes, Allanbrook's vocabulary is primarily tonal, and readily accessible, heightening the impact of the music's message. The Third depicts the seasons in richly orchestrated, vivid detail. Allanbrook's orchestral writing is exemplary in its clarity, and the bold and vivid colors of the characterful tone-poems that make up this symphony perfectly represent the changing light, colors and moods of the year. St. Petersburg Academic Symphony Orchestra; John Allanbrook. St. Petersburg Academic Symphony Orchestra; John Allanbrook.


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