KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN (b.1928): Klavierstücke VII, VIII and IX, Tanze Luzefa!, In Freundschaft for Bass Clarinet, Tierkreis for Bass Clarinet and Piano (with toy piano and music box).

Catalogue Number: 09J081

Label: MD&G

Reference: 613 1451-2

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: With his series of Klavierstücke (on account of the experimental possibilities of the piano) and his predilection for the clarinet (because of his long-standing collaborations with Suzanne Stephens), Stockhausen has contributed seminal works to the avant-garde literature of both instruments, and here's a nice little sampler of them. IX is the one with the repeated chord, widely performed in the past half-century and tremendously influential - one of those pieces like the Boulez second sonata that is simply impossible to ignore if you have any interest in modern music. This version of the variably scored Tierkreis renders one of Stockhausen's most attractive works more accessible than ever - the genuinely inspired melodic invention point to the composer Stockhausen might have been had he remained on this planet and turned his vast abilities in a slightly different direction. Not a hardcore Stockhausen disc then, but essential for completists and a good start for the wary but intrigued. Volker Hemken (bass clarinet), Steffen Schleiermacher (piano).


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