ARIBERT REIMANN (b.1936): Complete Works for Piano - Erste Sonate, Spektren, Variationen, Auf dem Weg.

Catalogue Number: 09J085

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 236

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: The early sonata uses serial techniques, but already the young composer was refusing to be constrained by the strictness of the technique as taught at the time (1958). The work's tight formal organization is the legacy of Reimann's Darmstadt studies, but the work already displays a flexibility that became central to his methods in later years. A decade later, Spektren employs flexibly notated rhythms, free from the bar-line, with a complex polyphony of overlapping lines freely related one to another. By the time he wrote what is undoubtedly his major solo piano work so far, the variations, greater expressiveness and freedom - of tempo, dynamic and texture - had entered his piano vocabulary, and also the element of virtuosity is far more apparent here. Utilizing dodecaphonic principles and traditional polyphonic devices in a decidedly modern idiom, the work is simultaneously flexible and exceedingly tightly organized. As the work progresses, so does its complexity and pianistic display. Auf dem Weg is related to Reimann's opera Das SchloƟ, and has a strong narrative element as well as sharply delineated textures suggesting layers of instrumentation and voices; for the first time in his piano works he employs (sparingly) some extended playing techniques. Matthew Rubenstein (piano).


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