JUKKA TIENSUU (b.1948): Mind - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Mood - Stereophonic Music for Small Orchestra, Alma II: Lumo for Symphony Orchestra and Sampler, Alma III: Soma for Symphony Orchestra and Sampler

Catalogue Number: 09J090

Label: Alba

Reference: ABCD 224

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Almost impossible to classify - one suspects deliberately so - Tiensuu's music nothing if not bold and irresistibly colorful and full of energy; it almost sounds as though the composer is saying 'OK, we have this thing called Post-Modernism now, so here is what happens if you take it to its logical conclusion'. So wildly whooping and thoroughly atonal nature sounds collide with hugely orchestrated common chords that sound sampled out of some Romantic orchestral work; or bare, dissonant intervals hang suspended for contemplation of their harmonic structure, to be supplanted by clusters, microtonal glissandi - or frank tonality - or bi-, or polytonality, for that matter. If this sounds like an eclectic grab-bag of compositional styles, the music doesn't sound that way for the most part, as the disparate elements are tied together in a logical, evolving argument of sorts; the piano concerto for example depicts the four elements in music that uses elements of impressionism and avant garde onomatopœic sound-as-sound, and one is never in any doubt as to what one is listening to. Paradoxically, for all the array of compositional devices employed - and there seem to be very few that are actually left out altogether between the four works - the music almost seems 'popular' in its infectiously dynamic vitality. Juhani Lagerspetz (piano), Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra; Susanna M√§lkki.


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