GIOVANNI MARIA BONONCINI (1642-1678): Cantatas from Op. 10: Preghiera d'amante a bella donna, Crudeltà di bella donna, Amante sprezzato, Cleopatra moribonda, 5 Sonate da camera from Opp. 3 & 9, 2 Arias, 2 Correntes, Sarabanda e Corrente from Op. 4, Cor mio deh, non languire from Pertitura de' madrigali, Op. 11, Canone a 4 from Musico prattico, Op. 8.

Catalogue Number: 09L017

Label: Tactus

Reference: TC 640202

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Father of the two Bononcini brothers, this man was also the successor to Uccellini in the Mantua school of composers. This collection is of mostly lighter pieces, using two recorders and, in the continuo, a guitar, to emphasize Bononcini's place in the evolution of dance music to concert music (as, especially, in the Sonate da camera here). Three short cantatas on the evergreen theme of love belong with this intent, and a much longer one (12 minutes) dealing with Cleopatra's death suggests greater depths in the composer's last works. Alida Oliva (soprano), La Scatola dai Suoni.


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