OSKAR MERIKANTO (1868-1924): Apple Blossom, Op. 53/1, To a Bird in the Churchyard, Op. 52/2, Summer Evening's Breeze, Op. 87/2, Remembering, Op. 11/2, Why I Sing, Op. 20/2, Thou Art a Nugget of Gold, Op. 20/1, At Sea, Op. 47/4, Stormbird, Op. 30/4, Lake Ladoga, Op. 83/1, Evening Bells, Op. 106/1, From the Graves, Op. 74, Farewell!, Op. 87/3, Good Night, Op. 75/1, In the Twilight, Op. 96/1, To Life, Op, 93/4, Annina, Op. 51/2 At Nightfall, Op. 69/2, Nocturne, Ballad, Op. 69/4, Praise of Youth, Op. 69/3, Play Softly, Thou Tune of my Mourning, Op. 36/3, I Am Alive!, Op. 71/1.

Catalogue Number: 09L066

Label: Ondine

Reference: ODE 1111-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Merikanto's songs are not in the German lied tradition; they are more approachable and often in a folk-like idiom and his rich melodic gift has been compared to that of Paolo Tosti. Most of the subjects are love and nature and there are a couple of rousing sea/storm songs here as well as a rare song-cycle; the four songs of From the Graves which chart a metaphysical triumph over death. Finnish-English texts. Jorma Hynninen (baritone), Ilkka Paananen (piano).


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