MIKLÓS KOCSÁR (b.1933): Repliche No. 2, PÉTER NÓGRÁDI (b.1952): As sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal, ILONA MESKÓ (b.1981): Adom burkolt címü..., ISTVÁN SZIGETI (b.1952): C.C., BÉLA FARAGÓ (b.1961): Zazen, Zazen II, MIKLÓS SUGÁR (b.1952): Cimcor, IVÁN MADARÁSZ (b.1949): Five cases, PÉTER TÓTH (b.1965): Scirocco.

Catalogue Number: 09L114

Label: Hungaroton

Reference: HCD 32601

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Contemporary Hungarian music for horn and the Hungarian instrument par excellence. Everything but Kocsár's piece (1976) is from the last decade and styles range from serial to minimalism, with Meskó's piece agreeably laced with humorous rhythms and unexpected pop references (and Sugár finding some very aurally tasty sound combinations). For people interested in the sound qualities of the cimbalom and to adventurous contemporary collectors. Zoltán Varga (horn), Ágnes Szakály (cimbalom).


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