HUGUES DUFOURT (b.1943): L'Afrique d'après Tiepolo for Piano and Ensemble, L'Asie d'après Tiepolo for Ensemble.

Catalogue Number: 09M102

Label: Kairos

Reference: 0013142KAI

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

No Longer Available

Description: Dufourt, credited with coining the term 'spectral music', here employs his advanced sense of instrumental color to produce impressions of two of Tiepolo's allegorical frescoes of the continents. The music is neither programmatic nor figurative, as one might expect; rather, both pieces concentrate on evoking depth, radiance, space and time, all of which translate readily from the visual to the musical medium. 'Africa' begins with dramatic and dissonant flourishes, after which the rest of the piece sounds like a composed acoustical decay, with extended resonances and a fog of harmonics like the oppressive sky of Tiepolo's painting, and the harsh landscape from which the figures have been washed away. 'Asia' concentrates on the disquieting and discordant elements of the painting, with oddly contorted figures, in music that is agitated and percussive for much of the piece, incorporating harsh multiphonics and a variety of metallic ethnic percussion instruments to suggest a frightening and conflicted, alien continent. Ensemble Recherche.


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