ENRIC MORERA (1862-1942): Andante Religios, Melangia, Queixa i Dansa, ISAAC ALBÉNIZ (1860-1909): Rumores de la caleta, Asturias, Córdoba, Sevilla, FELIP PEDRELL (1841-1922): Courante, Gallarda.

Catalogue Number: 09N004

Label: Genuin

Reference: GEN 11533

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Catalonian music for string orchestra with the archaizing pair of ancient dance forms by Pedrell, the major renewer and renovator of Spanish music in the 19th century and teacher of most of the famous composers of the last half of that century and first half of the 20th, dating to 1879. Morera, one of his students, offers an Andante relgioso, a Melancholia full of the noble, heartfelt nostalgia characteristic of Catalan folk music and a "Lament and Dance" of more specific folk character. The notes do not inform us of the provenance of the string transcriptions of these famous Albéniz piano piecs. Concerto Málaga; Massimo Paris.


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