BENJAMIN GODARD (1849-1895): Piano Concerto No. 2, Op. 148, Fantaisie Persane for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 152, 2 Suites from the Opera Jocelyn, Op. 100, Ouverture des Guelfes.

Catalogue Number: 09O003

Label: Dutton

Reference: CDLX 7291

Format: CD

Price: $21.98

Description: The piano-and-orchestra works from 1893 and 1894 are the major items here, the concerto having a notable Tchaikovskian feel in its first movement and the Fantaisie, like its cousin the Symphonie Orientale (09N001) another rather delicious dish of French Orientalism although this one actually uses some non-Western material along with the expected pseudo-Eastern tropes. Godard's sense for epic drama and rich orchestral color is present in the opera overture from 1882 and the two suites of incidental music from Jocelyn (1887). Victor Sangiorgio (piano), Royal Scottish National Orchestra; Martin Yates.


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