LEONARDO VINCI (1690-1730): La Partenope.

Catalogue Number: 09O023

Label: Dynamic

Reference: CDS 686/1-2

Format: CD

Price: $27.98

Description: This libretto was designed for a Naples premiere and is concerned with the mythical founders of that city. When Vinci decided to set it for a Venetian performance in 1725, he changed the name to Rosmira fedele. Using some of previous composer Domenico Sarro's music, Vinci wrote all brand new arias of his own while also adapting some of his previously existing music (like many other composers of the period who were really strapped for time) - none of which will be a problem for 21st century collectors who have so little of his stage music to begin with! 2 CDs. Libretto and translation available on-line. Sonia Prina (contralto), Maria Grazia Schiavo, Maria Ercolano (sopranos), Eufemia Tufano (mezzo), Stefano Ferrari (tenor), Charles Do Santos (baritone), I Turchini di Antonio Florio; Antonio Florio.


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