JOSEPH WOELFL (1773-1812): String Quartets in C Minor, Op. 4/3, in C, Op. 10/1 and in G, Op. 10/4.

Catalogue Number: 09O028

Label: Paladino Music

Reference: pmr 0023

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This native of Salzburg, student of Leopold Mozart and Michael Haydn, virtuoso pianist and composer highly regarded by his contemporaries, is slowly beginning to emerge from his undeserved obscurity. Dating from 1796 and 1799 these quartets have some of the unexpected formal and harmonic surprises which characterise Haydn's works in the same genre. There is also a five-minute otherwise unidentified Woelfl string quartet movement included as a bonus (not listed on the traycard). Quatuor Mosaïques.


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