MATHILDE VON KRALIK (1857-1944): Komm mit mir!, Hundertausend Liederkeime, Silbernebel, Flieder, Veilchen, Himmelschlüssel, Abends, Götter, Helden und Minne, Ein neuer Frühling, Spriesse, Seele!, Mein ganzes Sein, Und wider blüht der helle Hag, Übermut, Im Prater, Zauberrunen, Lache, Kind!, Du bist mein, Ich bin nur ich, Sage, Sonne, wo sie nun ist, Fragezeichen, Ein Traum, Im Grünen, Lied des Gefangenen, Nacht ist's, Singet leiser o Cicaden!, Rekared's Aria from the Opera Blume und Weissblume.

Catalogue Number: 09O040

Label: Delos

Reference: DE 3424

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The daughter of a wealthy Bohemian glass-maker, Mathilde studied at the Vienna Conservatory (including private counterpoint studies with Bruckner) and her fellow students included Mahler and Hans Rott. Many of her 120 lieder and choral pieces set poetry by her historian/cultural philospher brother Richard (including 17 of the 26 on this disc). Exploring the usual late Romantic subjects of love and nature, they are notable for often having an independent and sometimes virtuosic piano line, commenting on and not merely following the melody of the texts. An interesting Romantic by-way for collectors of the German lied. German-English texts. Donald George (tenor), Lucy Mauro (piano).


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