BENT LORENZEN (b.1935): Erotic Psalms for Bass and Organ, Op. 133, 4 Danish Chorale Motets for Bass and Organ, Flamma for Percussion and Organ, Op. 142, Organ Solo: Triplex, Op. 40/3 and Saturnus from The Planets, Op. 123.

Catalogue Number: 09O069

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 8.226568

Format: CD

Price: $9.98

Description: The nine Erotic Psalms may surprise listeners accustomed to Lorentzen's customary sonorism, use of microtones and electronics, and aleatoric devices. Setting 18th and 20th century texts that explore the theme of sensuous love as metaphor for religious ecstasy, Lorentzen makes use of traditional hymn tunes as part of the fabric of a lush, Wagnerian chromatic vocabulary - nothing remotely avant garde in sight. Triplex, from 1974, is more typical; originally a graphic score, later rewritten in conventional notation, the work abounds in cluster textures and spectacular effects. Flamma is very dramatic, with lively Latin American rhythms (a preoccupation of the composer's after he visited Brazil in the late '70s), with wild organ fireworks and some unusual percussion sonorities. Saturnus, from the composer's Planets suite, is a lively bacchanal celebrating the feast of Saturnalia - a toccata in Latin American carnival rhythms, with cheeky references to Widor's 5th Symphony toccata reminding us, as in the over-the-top gestures of Flamma that however experimental and eclectic Lorentzen's methods, humor is never far below the surface. The Chorale Motets, like the hymns, are based on traditional melodies, again clothed in worldly, dare one say indulgent, chromaticism, to powerfully dramatic, if not exactly hieratically devotional, effect. Texts and translations included. Danish-English texts. Morten Frank Larsen (baritone), Jens E. Christensen (organ), Joanna Stroz (percussion). Dacapo Open Space


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