FRANZ VON SUPPÉ (1819-1895): Extremum Judicium.

Catalogue Number: 09P007

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 842-2

Format: CD

Price: $31.98

Description: Here's something rather unusual. Remember the Requiem in D Minor by this composer which we offered six months ago (03O045)? Well, Suppé decided the same year (1855) to elaborate that work into a hybrid sacred/secular requiem/oratorio which, unlike the Requiem (which as far as we know was exclusively performed in church settings), could be presented as a concert piece. A long Prelude, a number of accompanied recitatives and arioso parts were added (amounting to more than 40 minutes of new music). It may never have been performed; the complete manuscript score was only recently found in a private collection in Trieste. 2 CDs. Latin-English texts. Margareta Klobucar (soprano), Dshamilja Kaiser (alto), Taylan Reinhard (tenor), Wilfired Zelinka (bass), Choir and Extra-Choir of Graz Opera, Graz Philharmonic Orchestra; Adriano Martinolli D'Arcy.


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