POUL SCHIERBECK (1888-1949): Fête Galante.

Catalogue Number: 09P013

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 6.220637-38

Format: CD

Price: $33.98

Description: Schierbeck's only opera, premiered in 1931, is set in France at the estate of a womanizing count during the reign of Louis XV. He is using a fake marriage contract to get into the pants of a lovely young thing while a scheming lackey stumbles upon the ruse and tries to blackmail both the count and his intended conquest only to have the King appear to unintentionally set things right. So, a comedy of manners set in a Watteau painting with a shimmeringly orchestrated score which masterfully balances the lyrical and the comic with the overall result reminding me, at least, of a bit of Richard Strauss and a bit of Nielsen's Maskerade. 2 CDs. Danish-English libretto. Bo Skovhus (baritone), Dénise Beck (soprano), Michael Weinius (tenor), Andread Pellegrini (mezzo), Danish National Symphony Orchestra and Choir; Michael Schønwandt. Dacapo SACD hybrid


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