VENANZIO RAUZZINI (1746-1810): String Quartets in E Flat, Op. 2/1 and in A, Op. 7/1, Violin Sonatas in F, Op. 1/6 and in C, Op. 15/1, Songs: Ah! Dearest Laura, Ah Touch Again that Plaintive Strain, Clora behold that Beauteous Rose, The Rose, Cease to Blame my Melancholy, Aria for Madame Mara "Di te scordarmi e vivere".

Catalogue Number: 09P022

Label: Centaur

Reference: CRC 3276

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Rauzzini was the male soprano for whom Mozart wrote his Exsultate jubilate but he also was a composer of operas and, after he moved to England in the mid 1770s, chamber music. From 1780 until his death, he was in charge of concert life in Bath, so one can imagine the Austen family at these presentations. The quartets and sonatas are like young Mozart and the songs are sentimental of subject, elegant in melody, with finely crafted keyboard parts. Texts included. Stefanie True (soprano), Zsolt Kalló (violin), Tamás Szekendy (fortepiano), Authentic Quartet.


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