Why Records International catalogues have been so poor lately.

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We've told you about the closing of Qualiton back at the end of May. This, of course, meant that all of the labels they distributed had to find new distributors. As of the end of August, the only Qualiton-distributed labels to show up elsewhere were BIS, Supraphon and Centaur. The English Signum label has a new release which didn't arrive in time for this month's catalogue. Next month, Glossa, Christophorus and IDI (an Italian historical label which never has anything we'd offer) also appear again (all of these are now handled by Naxos of America). This month, Accent showed up at Harmonia Mundi. Almost all of the other Qualiton labels listed below are moving either to Naxos or Albany Music Distributors.

Here is a list only of the Qualiton labels which produce Records International-type material and which are still in limbo (critically important ones highlighted):

Amati • Ars Produktion • Bayer • Bongiovanni • Coviello • Doron • EBS • London Sinfonietta • Ludi Musici • Marc Aurel Edition • Musica Ficta • Musicaphon • Musiques Suisses • Myto • Pan Classics • Pavane • Raumklang • Sterling • Talent

In addition, a former Qualiton pair of labels which have not been available in the U.S. for a couple of years - Thorofon and Antes Edition - are going to reappear at Naxos but we don't know when.

The other major problem happened to Allegro Corporation. They got a good chunk of labels from one source, a Belgian export company named Codaex. Codaex went bankrupt three or four months ago and a whole series of items in the Allegro new release offerings of July and August never shipped (two of these were prime material!); of course, items on these labels I had offered in my June and July catalogues were affected also because Allegro could not get resupplies and many of you have been back-ordered on titles on these labels. These are some of the labels affected by the Codaex bankruptcy:

BNL • Challenge Classics • Cyprès • Delta Classics • Editions Hortus • Etcetera • La Bottega Discantica • LAWO Classics • Melodiya • Phaedra • Royal Flemish Philharmonic • Querstand

A new distribution company has apparently formed in the Netherlands because most of the missing July and August new release titles from the above labels have been resolicited by Allegro in their October release book so I'm hoping to have these in time for my own October catalogue. Only Melodiya and Etcetera were not included. We hope these titles will appear in another month.

But, when you consider that I have not had new releases from these 31 labels since May, you will understand why my catalogues have been both crappier and smaller than usual. Although I have my smallest number of titles in 12 years in this month's offering (only 75), it is a substantially better quality catalogue than last month's.


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