EMIL VON REZNICEK (1860-1945): Symphonies Nos. 3 in D & 4 in F Minor.

Catalogue Number: 09Q001

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 637-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: After quite a break (it's been six years since the last volume in this series was released, even though these recordings were made four years ago), cpo finishes its Reznicek symphony cycle. The 1984 Schwann CD issue of these two symphonies is the only other one in existence but it's superseded by this new one in terms of sound and possibly in performance where Beermann gives the large-scale Fourth that little bit more of weight and imposing presence. Of course, as Eckhardt van den Hoogen points out in his characterstically wordy, dense, nightmare-for-translators notes, it's up for grabs whether Reznicek was being ironic in the Straussian-Mahlerian parts of this 1919 symphony; if you think so, maybe Gordon Wright's is the better choice (of course, it's long out of print). I think Reznicek is having fun with us in the 1918 Third with its very Mendelssohian finale and generally comfortable, Biedermeyer quality overall. Or, you can just enjoy them as 70 minutes of very attractive, easily absorbed, late Romantic music. It's up to you. And the notes tell us that in the last several years, several more orchestral scores have turned up by Reznicek (a Konzertstück for violin and orchestra from 1918 [published], two early orchestral suites from 1883 and 1895-96 and several of his six string quartets [published]), leading us to believe that we will see more of this composer from cpo. Robert Schumann Philharmonic; Frank Beerman.


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