MOSES PERGAMENT (1893-1977): The Jewish Song for Soprano, Tenor, Chorus and Orchestra

Catalogue Number: 09Q010

Label: Caprice

Reference: CAP 21834

Format: CD reissue

Price: $18.98

Description: If this were not sung in Swedish and hadn't been written by a Finland-Swedish Jew who struggled early for recognition in Sweden and who, in any event, composed less than he worked as critic and journalist, it would be recognized as a landmark work of the 20th century. Composed in 1944, it uses deep knowledge of Jewish musical traditions and blends them with the Nordic heritage to produce a powerful 75-minute cycle tracing the origins and tribulations of the Jewish people from antiquity to the horrors of the Third Reich, angry, frustrated, but always with hope and belief in the future. Swedish-English texts. Birgit Nordin (soprano), Sven-Olof Eliasson (tenor), Stockholm Philharmonic Choir, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra; James DePriest. Original 1976 Caprice LP release


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