CARLO GRAZIANI (d.1787): Sonatas for Cello and Bass in D, A Minor, B Flat, D Minor and C.

Catalogue Number: 09Q027

Label: Passacaille

Reference: 1002

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Graziani wrote 18 cello sonatas of this type so the six we offered back in Dec. 2008 (12K029), listed there as Op. 3, are not the same as these although these share their demands on playing technique (they were probably written for Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm II) while being generally in the galant style with the occasional ascent into the emotionalism of the Empfindsamstil. Marco Testori (cello), Ana Raquel Pinheiro (continuo cello), Maurizio Fornero (harpsichord).Issued in Florence in 1778, these three-movement, 9-13 minute quartets were intended for amateur players and follow Manfredini's didactic theories which promoted melody first and limited use of counterpoint. Quartetto Delfico (period instruments).


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