CASPAR JOSEPH MERTZ (1806-1856): Verlands Blüthen, Op. 1, Nachtviolen, Op. 2, 2 Polonaisen und Mazurka, Op. 3, 3 Nocturnes, Op. 4, Cyanen als Folge der Nachtviolen, Op. 5, 6 Ländler, Op. 9, Introduction et Rondeau brillant, Op. 11, Erinnerung an Ischl - 6 Ländler, Op. 12, 15 Übungsstücke from Schule für die Guitare, Walzer im Ländlerstyl, 5 Original Steyer Tänze, Op. 33, 7 Walzer, from Freie Vereinigung zum Förderung guter Guitarremusik: Andantino in G, Etude in A and Prelude in D, from Manuscripts from the Bojie Collection: Adagio in D Minor, Piece in A, Moderato in C, Andantino in E Minor and Moderato in C.

Catalogue Number: 09Q036

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 94653

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Last month this label and guitarist brought us the romantic mood-painting side of Mertz. Here we have a substantial amount of pedagogic material alongside salon-style groups of dances and folk-song-like pieces, some of them lighter than the somber and atmospheric tone-pictures of the previous release. 2 CDs. Graziano Salvoni (1827 Anton Stauffer guitar).


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