STAN GOLESTAN (1875-1956): Petite Suite bucolique, JEAN RIVIER (1896-1987): Petite Suite, MAURICE FRANCK (1897-1983): Trio, PIERRE-OCTAVE FERROUD (1900-1936): Trio in E, ÉMILE GOUÉ (1904-1946): 3 Pièces, REYNALDO HAHN (1874-1947): Églogue, NACIO HERB BROWN (1896-1964): Alone, CHARLES TRENET (1913-2001): J'ai ta main, JOHN HESS (1915-1983)/TRENET: Vous, qui passez sans me voir, DINO OLIVIERI (1905-1963): Tornerai (J'attendrai).

Catalogue Number: 09Q054

Label: Coviello Classics

Reference: COV 91408

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: A tribute to the famous French "Trio d'anches de Paris", the first reed trio, founded in 1927, performing works written for that formation and connecting them with arrangements of French popular songs of the period, everything originating from 1933-37. So, a snapshot of a certain slice of Parisian musical life but quite varied: Rivier's is an urban suite while Franck's is pastoral and Golestan's has the pungency of his native Romania... and the little Églogue by Hahn was transcribed from a period 78 as there is no trace of the score. Trio Lézard (oboe, clarinet and bassoon).


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