LAO SILESU (1883-1953): Romance sans paroles, Dawn Dreams - Intermezzo, Madrigal, Préludes No. 1 in A Minor and No. 12 in B Minor, Sérénade passionée, Theme and Variations in C Minor, Cipressi: lamento, Valses No. 1 in A Minor, No. 12 in A, No. 14 in F Sharp Minor and No. 20 in F Minor "Coeur à coeur".

Catalogue Number: 09Q059

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33996

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Seven years ago, we had this Sardinian composer's piano concerto (on the no longer available Inedita label) and now he returns with a 71-minute disc devoted to his solo piano works. Silesu became famous while living in Paris for his ability to write hit songs (chansons) and the pull of commercialism is often present even in the "serious" pieces here, excepting the Cipressi, a heartfelt lament on the death of his lifelong partner in 1939. For collectors of late Romanticism tinged with early 20th century popular music. Roberto Piana (piano).


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