HEINRICH KAMINSKI (1886-1946): Quartet for Piano, Clarinet, Viola and Cello, Op. 1b, Quintet for Clarinet, Horn and String Trio, 3 Geistliche Lieder.

Catalogue Number: 09Q061

Label: Sterling

Reference: CDA 1681-2

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: One of the more interesting composers who is almost completely unknown. Imagine: your orchestral works are performed by Bruno Walter, Furtwängler, Scherchen and Fritz Busch and a critic, after hearing the 3 Geistliche Lieder recorded here at the 1924 ISCM Festival, wonders whether musical development would go in the way of Hindemith or Kaminski. And now: Heinrich who? His music combines a mystical spirituality (here audible patently only in the Breton folk-song Angelus in the quintet) with a late romanticism with interests in baroque form and with an ear for color and with rhythmical detail and complexity that stood out in his time. The very early quintet (1912, only three years after Kaminski began musical studies in earnest) has elements of Mahler but by the time of the quintet twelve years later, a mature polyphonic style is in evidence. German texts. Stephan Siegenthaler (clarinet), Cora Irsen (piano), Kolja Lessing (violin), Mark Gothoni (viola), Ulrich Eichenauer (viola), Guido Shiefen (cello), Peter Hörr (cello), Olivier Darbellay (horn), Anna Maria Pommer (soprano).


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