TERESA MILANOLLO (1827-1904): Grand Adagio Élégiaque, Lamento (Morceau de Salon), Op. 7, Impromptu, Op. 8, Ave Maria, Op. 4, Variazioni umoristiche su l’aria di Marlborough, Op. 5, Variazioni umoristiche sul Rheinweinlied, Op. 6, Grand Fantaisie Élégiaque, Op. 1.

Catalogue Number: 09S028

Label: Musica Viva

Reference: MV102

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: This Italian violinist was a child prodigy known all over Europe during a performing career of 1842-57 which was ended, predictably, by marriage. Known as “the Malibran of the violin” she was also compared to Paganini for her level of skill in fast passsages. The two variation pieces here display the latter to good effect while the two Grand ... pieces and the Lamento are full of an elegiac, almost majestic grief (part of Romanticism to be sure but the Fantaisie Élégiaque is an in memoriam piece for her younger sister, violinist and recital partner, who died of tuberculosis at 16). Attractive stuff with very good notes. Valentina Busso (violin), Eliana Grasso (piano).


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