Flute and harp in 19th cen. Italy

CARLO MICHELANGELO SOLA (1786-1829): La Marziale - Fantasia concertante, GIOVANNI TOJA (19th cen.): Notturni, Op. 9 and 10, GIUSEPPE GARIBOLDI (1833-1905): La Passione - Melodia de Coop, ANGELO BOVIO & G. PASI (19th cen.): Duetto sopra motivi dell’opera “il Corsaro” del M. Verdi.

Catalogue Number: 09T031

Label: Tactus

Reference: TC 800005

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Pieces for proficient amateurs’ domestic musicmaking, these are modeled on the single-movement opera fantasy but, for those of you tired by such genre pieces, only two of them are offered here, the others being original creations. Candelabra-lit salons, melodic senteimentalism, dabs of virtuosity, you get the idea... Claudio Ortensi (flute), Anna Pasetti (harp).


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