ANTON BEER-WALBRUNN (1864-1929): 10 Shakespeare-Sonette, Op. 34, Volumes I and II, Welke Rose, Op. 24/1, Stille Sicherheit, Op. 39/1, Die Unbesungenen, Op. 37/1, Locke und Lied, Op. 37/2, Letzte Worte, Op. 37/3, Der Knabe im Moor, Op. 37/4, Mainacht, Op. 12/1, Fliegt durch die zitternden Reben, Op. 12/6, Mutter, süßer klingt dein Ton, Op. 27/1, Die Flucht der heiligen Familie, Op. 59/2, Morgengebet, Op. 59/4, Mariae Sehnsucht, Op. 59/5.

Catalogue Number: 09T037

Label: Bayer Records

Reference: 100 390

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The notes for this release are a model of how to do it: separate sections on each of the songs themselves and the composer’s stylistic progression (all is tonal and melodic though) and a separate biography of a most interesting man and his career (Orff and Furtwängler were among his students). His Shakespeare settings of 1906 turn the first six sonnets into a cycle of the several stages of falling in love while the final four deal with considerations of death; his contemporaries considered it a work that would stand the test of time. German texts. Angelika Huber (soprano), Kilian Sprau (piano).


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