JOHN JOUBERT (b.1927): Missa Wellensis, Op. 174, Locus iste, Op. 175, St. Mark Passion, Op. 180.

Catalogue Number: 09T047

Label: Resonus Classics

Reference: RES10198

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Joubert's warm, rich, tonal idiom, applied with consummate skill, is ideally suited to his major contribution to the English choral tradition, the tension and release between prayerful supplication and exultant praise magnificently handled. The Mass for Wells Cathedral begins with an urgent appeal, then a bright, optimistic Credo. The Sanctus is unexpectedly subdued and uncertain, but leads to increasing confidence in the buoyant Benedictus and serene Agnus Dei. The Passion extends beyond the sheer choral loveliness of the Mass, adding an active cello part as a duo partner to the Narrator and an important and highly expressive organ part - responsible for much of the piece's vividly descriptive atmosphere - to accompany the drama, including powerfully dissonant accompaniments to the work's crowd scenes and illustrative interpolated hymns (in Joubert's gorgeous arrangements of the familiar tunes) that close every scene like tableaux in the altarpiece of a cathedral. Peter Auty (tenor), Benjamin Bevan (baritone), Richard May (cello), David Bednall (organ), Wells Cathedral Choir; Matthew Owens.


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