MANUEL DE ELIAS (b.1939): Sonata Breve, Preludios 1-5, Vals Triste, Pequeño vals para una línea y un piano, Microestructuras, Sonante No. 1, 24 Aforismos, 3 piezas for 2 Pianos.

Catalogue Number: 09T057

Label: No label

Reference: no number

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

Description: An intriguingly contrasting selection of works spanning some 30 years, from a composer, conductor and multi-instrumentalist whose first studies in composition were with his father, who was no modernist in any sense, and who went on to study with Chavez - and also with Stockhausen. The earliest pieces, from the mid-1950s - the first few preludes, the Vals, the tiny sonata-form movement called Sonata breve - are all neo-romantic and tonal. But only a few years later, the composer's interest in serialism, aleatory and sonorism was giving rise to far less tonal works - the later preludes, the languid, improvisatory two-piano works, the Microestructuras, presented twice here in different versions, and the Sonante No.1, an exploration of the timbral possibilities of the piano, including sections played on the strings, which sound remarkably like a cimbalom. The tiny (very tiny!) “Aphorisms” (1987) are elusive phantasms, taking the composer's gift for concision of expression to its logical conclusion. Edison Quintana (piano). Private label. No catalogue number.


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