SERGIO CÁRDENAS (b.1951): Salmo 23 for Soprano and Orchestra, MANUEL ENRÍQUEZ (1926-1994): Cello Concerto, MANUEL M. PONCE (1882-1948): Chapultepec, Ferial.

Catalogue Number: 09T058

Label: No label

Reference: no number

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

Description: Cárdenas' setting of Psalm 23 breaks somewhat with tradition in that the music is dramatic and expressionistic, with some passages declaimed in recitative-like sprechstimme. Enríquez' concerto was written in 1985, after the composer had turned his back on the atonal, aleatoric, graphically notated experiments of the 1970s, and is the most overtly tonal work of his among this month's offerings. The relationship between soloist and orchestra is very much the traditional one, the orchestra amplifying and dramatically challenging material laid out by the cello. Surprisingly under-recorded are Ponce's immensely attractive impressionist/romantic suite and symphonic tone poem, full of nationalistic fervor, folk melodies and dances, and gorgeously lush harmonies and orchestration. Rosario Andrade (soprano), Carlos Prieto (cello), Filarmónica de Querétaro; Sergio Cardenas. Private label. No catalogue number.


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