CARLOS JIMÉNEZ MABARAK (1916-1994): La Fuente Armoniosa, JESÚS VILLASEÑOR (b.1936): Fuga Toccata, MARTA GARCÍA RENART (b.1942): 3 momentos, EDUARDO DIAZMUÑOZ (b.1953): de, para, por; los niños, ROSA GURAIEB (b.1931): Praeludium, ENRIQUE SANTOS (b.1930): Sonata No. 1, HUGO ROSALES (b.1956): El güije, ANTONIO NAVARRO (b.1958): Homenaje a Stravinsky.

Catalogue Number: 09T059

Label: No label

Reference: GLPD 35

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

Description: A varied recital of approachable pieces in a variety of styles. The largest works are Diazmuños' suite of witty, charming little character pieces, tonal or at most bitonal, the titles of which form an acrostic of the composer's son's name; and Santos' taut 3-movement sonata, also very tonal with a sonata-form first movement, a scampering scherzo and a reflective finale with a brilliant coda. The other pieces are a cheeky, puckish portrayal of an Afro-Caribbean elf (Rosales), an homage to the Stravinsky of the early ballets, a knotty and pianistically tricky fugue, a rhythmically indeterminate, interval-music prelude, a chromatic toccata (Mabarak), and three playful tonal miniatures, all very accessible in their own way. Eva María Zuk (piano). No label name GLPD 35


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