JOHN A. CAROLLO (b.1954): Symphony No. 2 “The Circle of Fire”, The Rhetoric and Mythos of Belief, The Transfiguration of Giovanni Baudino, Let Freedom Ring, Do You Have an E.R. for Music?, Move Towards the Light (Your Destiny Awaits You).

Catalogue Number: 09T073

Label: Navona Records

Reference: NV6109

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: Carollo is a composer of wide-ranging ambition and stylistic antecedents. The disc begins and ends with mostly meditative, very consonant works for strings, the atmosphere and titles of which owe something to the 'new spirituality' ethos. The Transfiguration and Let Freedom Ring are colorfully orchestrated and more complex, with more adventurous harmonies, which nonetheless unfailingly return to their tonal roots. E.R. For Music is a lively concert overture. The 'symphony' consists of three movements of which the central one takes to an extreme the composer's fondness for repetition with unpredictable changes, manifested elsewhere but here the main point of the piece. The outer movements bear titles that suggest that the work may betray something of the composer's own æsthetic, with considerable insistence on a particular texture or idea. Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra; Petr Vronsky.


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